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Malta Tourism Strategy 2021-2030

The three tourism strategic development options identified for tourism to Malta and Gozo for the period 2021-2030 are: Recover. Rethink. Revitalise.

The strategic vision is to manage and formulate the future development of tourism to Malta in line with sustainability principles through strategies aimed at making best use of the country’s natural capital and cultural attractions in a way which balances between the welfare and wellbeing of the country’s residents and the maximisation of visitor economic value and satisfaction.

The strategic mission is to ensure that the Ministry responsible for Tourism, particularly via the MTA attracts the necessary Government and Sectoral support to possess the resources, institutional, financial and human, to launch this strategic vision in 2021 and to deliver it by 2030 through an agreed set of achievable and measurable objectives which are regularly reviewed, evaluated, discussed with stakeholders and revisited and revised in response to changing base conditions and results achieved.

The Malta Tourism Strategy 2021-2030 is an all-embracing document which draws from the Past, thoroughly analyses the Present, and visualises an ideal Future. It seeks to balance the various and wide-ranging characteristics of an Industry which has economical, commercial, developmental, social, environmental, traditional, cultural, experiential, recreational, emotional, aspirational, technological and innovational.

The Strategy features 13 Strategic Challenges, 11 Strategic Targets each linked to a specific set of UN Sustainable Development Goals and 22 individual Strategies. The 22 Strategies feature no less than 125 Goals and 245 Actions emerging from such Goals.  This makes it a Strategy in which deliverables and commitments are measurable and benchmarkable.

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