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Tourism Worker of the Year Award

Recognising Outstanding Service

The Tourism Worker of the Year Award recognises Employees who offer an outstanding service in one of various core sectors within the Tourism Industry. The nominations are based on the employees’ outstanding performance which goes beyond the required call of duty at their place of work. The nominated employee must work in an eligible business or company and have demonstrated the relevant attributes during the year 2024.


The following sectors are eligible for nomination:


Travel and Tourism Services (Incoming Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, Excursion Organisers and Tourist Guides)

~ Visitor Attraction

Diving Centre

English Language Learning (Schools / Host Families)

Submissions that satisfy multiple criteria from the following list, will receive a higher ranking:

1. The employee has shown exemplary performance in daily operations; 

2. The employee has exhibited exceptional customer service skills, going above and beyond to ensure positive experiences for tourists and visitors;

3. The employee has demonstrated leadership, creativity and teamwork;

4. The employee was an active participant in Corporate Responsibility programmes or voluntary work through a registered NGO;

5. The employee carried out any other commendable actions worth mentioning.


 NOMINATION FORM:  To submit your entry for the Tourism Worker of the Year Award, please use this form .

Submission for the Tourism Worker of the Year Award must be related to an employee’s performance carried out during the year 2024 working in an eligible business or company.

 TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  for participating in the Malta Tourism Awards can be found here.

 CLOSING DATE:  Nominations close on 31/12/2024

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